Cognitive Computing


US patent no. 6,269,329, issued in the USA in 2001

Coglets are effect-based systems. In order to initiate a cognitive effect with the user, a suitable interaction level has to be used which allows multi-polarities, paradoxes and perceptual quantum leaps to be rendered discernable to the user.

Coglets also use natural language communication. From a systems perspective, the communication technology is organized according to the principles of set theory. Given the multitude of polarities possible when considering the data and the large number of activated associations, the goal of the communication generation is the provision of a language pool within which Coglets are able to formulate freely, usefully and comprehensibly. Any attempt to cover all eventualities by means of pre-defined text modules would require an immense amount of time and effort and, however diligently it was approached, it would not be able to cover all possibilities. The attempt to convey data organized according to quantum principles to the user via the normal medium of tables or graphics would in no way do justice to the multi-polarities involved when considering data. Human beings think in their language and language has therefore been selected as the best medium of interaction between man and machine for the implementation of a quantum principle in the field of information technology. Neither graphics nor tables of figures would be able to even come close to expressing that which formulated language is able to express.

The communication technology developed and patented internationally by Softmark guarantees the transmission of generated content to the user via Coglets. It dispenses with existing text module principles and works according to independent formulating processes. This enables us to achieve the high level of so-called “collaborative metacontexts”, with which Coglets advise the user of relevant content in a personalized manner and depending on the respective information requirement and qualification level.

The communication technology is considered to be the technological core of the Coglets. The approval for the patent in the USA was granted in June 2001.

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