Cognitive Computing


SOFTMARK develops Coglets for anticipation, automatization und optimization of business processes. Coglets are specified according to the guidelines of Coglet technology, defined and internationally patented by SOFTMARK. These systems achieve results in analysis, business process reorganization and optimization far beyond conventional software architectures in Business Intelligence. Due to their capacity of cognitive analysis, learning behaviour, proactivity, reactivity and genuine communication capacities, Coglets represent the typical implications of Artificial Intelligence.

By this, we see a paradigm shift: The user does not have to be initiative every day, but intelligent systems perform the planning and operational work to a large extent fully automatically. Process strategies do not any longer represent the result of static approaches, but are developed and realized dynamically according to the Coglets´ cognitive competence.

Via standard interfaces, Coglets can be implemented in any existing system environment, optionally also as software as a service (SaaS). With a very short period for installation and consulting, theses systems realize benefit from the very first day. Amortization can be calculated before implementation and represents the basis for licensing and pricing

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